*All Worlds must adhere to the communities general rules.*
*World owners are responsible for their own advertising and are welcome to do so in their newsfeed. Owners are also welcome to advertise their world outside of the community. *
* World owners must make sure that their roleplay is meeting the minimum posting guidelines each month. A world must generate at least 30 posts each month in order to remain active. Any world that does not meet the posting guidelines will be moved into the archive until the owner gets in touch with an administrator.*
*World owners are responsible for managing their own boards. Owners may choose staff to help them as they would if they hosted their own website. All Writes Reserved Staff is not responsible for the content within the user-owned worlds. *
*If a world owner would like to change or add boards to their forum they must reach out to an administrator.*
*World owners are entitled to create their own rules, guidelines, and roleplaying expectations for their own worlds. *
Last update on February 14, 4:33 am by Aysriel.
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